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Client Information:

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Industry: Pharmaceutical
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Location: Undisclosed
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Size: 5 - 10 employees

Company Bio

Ananda Developments' mission is to become a leading UK grower and provider of high-quality, consistent carbon zero medical cannabis for the UK and international markets.

Project Overview

The global pharmaceutical cannabis market is forecasted to grow at a compound annual rate (CAGR) of 104.2% from 2022 to 2028, with capital investments following suit. It's thanks to this rapid growth in throwaway expenditure that TION Global, AKA "The Fume Cupboard Enthusiasts", secured a one-off project with none other than Ananda Developments Plc. 

The Brief

Ananda Developments required a specialised fume hood with the ability to double as a self-contained enclosure. Think chemical extraction with clean laminar-flow air, much like a biosafety cabinet, and you begin to understand the concept.

So, what is the primary function behind this Frankenstein-like enclosure? Well, first and foremost, to enhance the cutting-edge R&D development work taking place on the premises. In addition to acting as a cleanroom/pollination chamber.

Any occurrence of cross-contamination could lead to significant cost implications for the business. Therefore, containment must be considered a top priority throughout the design and development stages. 

Equipment Parameters

Creating a "one of a kind" solution from thin air requires a certain level of ingenuity and design prowess, rarely seen in the fume cupboard industry. So, we decided to start from scratch and build the unit from the ground up.

We will manufacture the body using 100% virgin medical grade welded polypropylene to combat corrosion and ensure longevity. In addition to four sealed pollination boxes stored inside the unit to remove any chance of cross-contamination. "But what's a plant without water?"

Each pollination box will also need to be retrofitted with roof-mounted sprinklers and external control systems to mimic the soothing effects of rain.

What We Delivered

After hours of preparation, planning and execution, our engineers delivered the unthinkable. A 3.5 meter-wide, twin sash laminar flow fume hood equipped with four self-contained pollination chambers and HEPA filtration.

However, this small slice of science fiction is different from the fantastical machines imagined in popular sci-fi classics. It's real. This project is an excellent example of our Discover, Design and Deliver process, ensuring all stages of our client's needs are fulfilled.

Other features include a programmable red-light alarm system, to track filter replacements, airflow consumption and annual periodic tests.

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Ducted fume cupboard

Phase 1: Fume Cupboard Procurement

So, how do you design, store and transport a 3.5-meter-wide polypropylene unit? The first phase involves a significant amount of number crunching and careful calculation. Is there any ceiling height or access restrictions? What size and weight can the room accommodate?

Then it's the classic case of planning and transportation, ensuring our client receives the product on time with all the necessary safety equipment and staff. It took a seven-man team consisting of forklift drivers, safety inspectors and installation experts to offload the unit on-site.

Ananda Developments fume cupboard delivery.

Phase 2: Fume Cupboard Installation

Ananda Developments fume cupboard installation.

Unfortunately, we can't disclose any information regarding the location of this facility. Although, positioning the unit required a millimetre perfect precision. 

We shipped the product in two separate pieces, the base unit (consisting of the storage cabinets and drawers) and the fume cupboard itself. This modular approach allowed our team to access the site and install the unit quickly, reducing the lab's exposure to unfiltered air.

On the other hand, the ducting took over 16 hours to install, requiring over 10 meters of PVC tubing connected to a rear-mounted VAV (Variable Air Volume) system extracting 3000m3 of air per hour.

Phase 3: Operational Checks and Project Sign-Off

Finally, we move on to system commissioning, QOL checks and compliance testing. We measure airflow, product functionality and safety to ensure the unit exceeds the required BS EN14175 containment levels.

We also ran specialised tests to ensure the pollination chamber functioned as required, mimicking natural drizzle conditions.

However, for guaranteed security, we also offer annual commissioning contracts in three separate tiers, bronze, silver and gold. Each stage offers unique benefits, removing the burden of compliance whilst guaranteeing a safe and secure unit, year in and year out.

Ananda Developments fume cupboard installed
Fume cupboard maintenance

Working With TION Global

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