Air Filtration and Sterilisation

Improve The Air You Breathe

Our range of air filtration and sterilisation solutions remove harmful particles from the air quietly and safely. Suitable for applications in labs, medical environments, and even offices.

Creating a safer environment to work in

Everybody wants to be reassured that the air they are breathing is free from particles that could damage their health, from bacteria to viruses. TION offer two different systems for cleaning the air around you, for collecting or removing these particles to ensure your peace of mind. Choose your ideal solution based on your application and needs.

High capacity air sterilisation
We provide high capacity air sterilisation systems to ensure the highest level of safety in our hospitals, dental practices and commercial spaces.
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Air Filtration Systems
Our air filtration/purification systems collect harmful particles from the air, meaning that you can breathe easy in your work or living environment.
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Improving patient safety
The Viralair-UV unit is ideal for use in dental practices in waiting rooms, surgeries, and offices. Fitted with high quality castors, the units can be moved around to ensure air sterilisation is achieved in the areas where it is most required.
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Co-working with peace of mind
The Viralair-UV is perfect for office spaces. Its large capacity and low-noise operation makes it ideal for use even in quiet environments. The units can be combined to ensure that enough air changes per hour are achieved.
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  • Testimonial
    Hear what some of our customers have to say.
    "Very knowledgeable, and not only were the biosafety cabinets we ordered from TION made exactly the way we needed them, but they were delivered and installed within 48 hours."

    Head of Microbiology | LGC
  • Testimonial
    Hear what some of our customers have to say.
    "This project has definitely been a learning curve for me and from the very first phone conversation your knowledge, calm nature and expertise put me completely at ease."

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