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The Definitive Lab Range

Metal free design, corrosion-proof, highly chemical resistant, easy to clean, low maintenance, and durable for years. The perfect formula for laboratory furniture!

Multi-Purpose Lab Furniture & Storage Solutions

Areas of labs used for washing glassware and other lab equipment generally end up looking shabby in a short period of time – especially around the rear of a sink. Our stations, cabinets and carts offer a waterproof, chemical resistant and easy to maintain solution – see below comparison table for further information.

Created by welding virgin medical grade polypropylene*, our lab furniture is not only proof against corrosion, but it is also resistant to UV degradation (which affects PVC/GRP), is very easy to clean – and it looks great!

Uniting Form & Function
Interested in corrosion, damp and chemical resistant washing stations, cabinets or carts? We offer storage solutions that fit seamlessly into your existing lab layout, or as part of a complete re-fit. Speak to us to find out how we can help enhance your workspace today.


We use metal-free hinges and runners as standard and can fit them with metal-free locks/catches if required as well sinks, taps, peg-board draining racks, drawers and shelves upon request. We can also fit them with our Lab-Cushion® system to prevent breakages in sinks and blocked drains and/or Bench-Armour® heat-proof surface matting.

Integrated sumps contain potential spillages (sumps can be made to any capacity) and we can include rear duct connections to the cupboards if required for chemical storage along with castors for future-proofing your lab layout.

Carts can be made for any purpose including chemical containment during transport.

We don’t publish sizes as these units can be made to literally ANY height, width or depth without any bespoke charge. This makes them ideal for retro-fitting into existing laboratory layouts or for suiting any bespoke requirements for proposed new or refurbished laboratories.

*We can manufacture these units from PPS (which has a V0 flame retardant properties) if required.


  • Lab equipment cart
  • Lab equipment drawers
  • Open cupboards in a lab equipment storage station
  • Lab equipment cupboard with open drawers
  • Lab furniture cupboard with doors closed
  • Open drawers in a laboratory storage unit
  • Drying rack in laboratory
  • Open cupboards in a washing station for labs
  • Open cupboard in lab equipment, front angle
  • Top view of a lab washing station with sink
  • Lab furniture unit containing drying rack, drawers, and washing station
  • Washing station sink and drying rack
  • Washing station with drying rack and cupboards
  • Rear view of lab washing station
  • Metal free runners in drawers for washing station
  • Front view of equipment cart for labs

Product Features


100% proof against moisture, corrosion and warping.

Low Maintenance

Virgin medical grade polypropylene has ultra-low surface tension, ensuring maximum resistance to chemicals and staining.

Easy To Clean

Premium virgin medical grade polypropylene has ultra-low surface tension to resist staining and is fully welded (no silicone used).

100% Customisable

Designed to suit your application and lab to maximise storage and lab space.

Product Specification

Washing Stations / lab furniture


Surface Material
WaterAcidsSolventsStrong DetergentsConcentrated DyesTotal Score
Epoxy Resin Board9998843
Trespa® Toplab Plus10887639
Stainless Steel102106836
Epoxy-coated Mild Steel7172320


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