How a Lab Refurbishment Can Boost Productivity and Morale

Everyone loves saving money, cutting back, and reducing expenses. However, sometimes there is a tendency to focus on the wrong things. While you're busy feeling good about reducing little costs here and there, every once in a while you could neglect the larger picture. How sustainable your facility is one of the things most often overlooked.

Keeping top talent is difficult. With the ongoing skills shortages affecting most industries and sectors, and more people in employment than at any time over the last 40 years, the need for employers to retain their best people has never been greater.

Of course, you have to look after your team in terms of pay, holidays, flexible working, etc., but often the working environment can be overlooked.

A 2014 European wide survey found that 43% of workers said that their working conditions were fairly bad or very bad.

Poorly lit, unhygienic or unsafe laboratories can impact morale, productivity and staff retention. The problem is compounded by antiquated or heavily corroded fume cupboards that can put the integrity of test results at risk.

In contrast a refurbishment will show your team that you care about them – not just about the bottom line. Especially if you involve them in the design and consider their needs and wants. If they know that you take their opinions seriously it will boost not only your employee’s productivity but more importantly their mental and physical well-being.

So, irrespective of whether you work in a lab, own it, manage it or are a Chairman or Director of a company that has labs, take a few minutes to ask yourself, "Would I like to work in our laboratories?"

If the answer is 'no' then TION can help. We specialise in manufacturing cutting edge polypropylene fume cupboards, fume extraction systems, safety cabinets and lab furniture – all in bespoke or standard sizes. For more information about how our products can improve workflows in your lab, contact us today.

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