Infection Prevention & Control in Hospitals with UV Decontamination

Healthcare facilities and all their staff have a profound responsibility to ensure the environment they work in is clean and safe, not just for them, but for patients and visitors too.

Even before the recent events with Coronavirus, Public Health England (PHE) stated that more than 4 million people across Europe obtain a healthcare associated infection (HCAI) every year, which has led to the deaths of 37,000 people, as well as lengthening patient stays and causing a substantial financial burden to hospital trusts.

COVID-19 has only served to add to this already immense pressure the health system was under, with over 33,000 additional deaths, as of 13th May 2020. This new virus has meant that the prevention and control of infection by neutralising bacteria and virus spores in the hospital's environment is of the highest importance.

What measures can hospitals and healthcare facilities adopt to diminish the risk?

One of the best practices they could implement is UV decontamination. Healthcare staff thoroughly cleaning the premises goes a long way to reducing the risk of infection to anyone who steps foot in a hospital, care home or laboratory. However, it only goes so far.

By using a UV decontamination device, it will kill 99.9% of all bacteria and virus spores in an entire room quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Revolutionary technology for reliable disinfection

Compared to ordinary chemical cleaning, UV offers a rapid deactivation of microorganisms through a substantial process. Bacteria, viruses and pathogens in the air and on surfaces will no longer be able to spread and infect as soon as they are exposed to UV light, demonstrated in its use to combat pathogenic organisms such as cholera and polio, amongst other diseases.

With a decontamination device that utilises UV, like the Ultra-V™ UV-C system, sensors can be placed throughout the room to monitor and control process to ensure it's been decontaminated in less than an hour, including the smallest pockets of space, darkest corners and every surface area. The unique technology it utilises analyses, measures and adjusts the exposure of UV to deliver consistent and quantifiable results.

This equipment couldn't be easier to use, but training can be provided on installation by expert engineers.

If you need any further guidance or information on how this can help you prevent the transmission of harmful microorganisms and completely reduce the risk of infection outbreaks, get in touch with TION today. We offer a highly effective decontamination service that's available 24/7, every day of the year to suit your needs.

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