The Benefits of a Modular Cleanroom and Why There’s an Increase in Demand

Whether you already have a cleanroom within your company but looking for an upgrade, or you are considering investing in a modular cleanroom this year, it is important you understand the benefits they can potentially bring.

This type of facility is used widely across a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, life sciences, biotechnology, food manufacturing and more. Modular cleanrooms can improve production processes while also being an easy to maintain solution for many premises.

Over the last 18 months, demand for modular cleanrooms has risen, as more and more businesses are realising the advantages they offer.

What Is a Modular Cleanroom?

Cleanrooms are an enclosed space which is used for highly sensitive research or any application which requires the absence of dust, moisture, or dirt. They are not designed to be completely sterile environments, but they reduce the atmospheric molecules to the barest minimum.

A modular version is a type of cleanroom which is manufactured and constructed in pre-cut parts. These kinds of facilities are then easily assembled onsite whenever they are required.

What Are the Benefits of A Modular Cleanroom?

Modular cleanrooms are quickly becoming the most popular choice for businesses over traditional options. They can be used for so many applications and offer many benefits, including:

Quick Installation

One of the key reasons organisations choose modular cleanrooms is because they offer rapid construction. These facilities are very easy and quick to install in your premises. They are created from a solid frame and prefabricated panelling, which in some cases can be fully set up in a matter of hours.

This compares with traditional structures which can take months to build and install. Your team can get started with using a modular cleanroom right away, reducing any possible delays to your work timeframe.

Minimal Disruption

With a traditional cleanroom, the entire facility needs to be constructed and built on site. This can cause a lot of disruption within your business and be a real inconvenience for your teams. With a modular one, the majority of the construction is completed off-site and out of your way.

Reduced Running Costs

Modular cleanrooms can be cheaper to run compared with other alternatives, and they offer an extremely efficient design. These structures do not require as much outdoor air for humidity and temperature control, so the overall energy cost is dramatically reduced.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike brick and mortar cleanroom structures, modular versions are very easy to maintain. If the walls become damaged overtime, a single panel can be replaced right away, without impacting the rest of the facility. A lot of modular cleanrooms offer innovative features such as walkable ceilings so they can be accessed from above. These are super durable and do not absorb any moisture, so they are an excellent choice for humid spaces.

Perfect Performance

A modular structure can perform just as well as a traditional one for use with most science, manufacturing, and medicine applications. They can have HEPA filters installed which work to remove tiny particles from the environment and keep the area free from contaminants.

Because these facilities are highly flexible, you have the freedom to customise the features to suit your requirements. Various accessories can be included for even more control over the environment, so if you need to meet FDA, ISO, or EU standards, a modular cleanroom can help.

Sustainable Design

Businesses across all industries are focusing on green practices and sustainability these days, and quite rightly so. Modular greenrooms can be created using green construction techniques, helping you to support your brand’s initiatives.

Some modular cleanrooms can be constructed from sustainable materials and help to protect the planet’s natural resources.

Why Are Modular Cleanrooms in High Demand?

Many businesses are investing in modular cleanrooms for their facilities and there are a few reasons for this increase in demand.

People have shifted their mindsets over the last 18 months to see spaces as more flexible facilities compared with traditional fixed setups. Companies have been forced to make the most out of the space they have and rethink the way they are operating, and modular cleanrooms support this flexibility.

Many businesses that never had a cleanroom are choosing modular options as a starting point thanks to their ability to be agile and scalable as business needs change. Some organisations only require this facility for a temporary period, and when this is the case, a modular set up can a great solution.

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