Why Do We Purchase Standard Off-The-Shelf Laboratory Equipment?

Laboratory equipment, like the vast majority of commercial products sold throughout the scientific sector, is highly customisable, but rarely utilised. For example, imagine walking into a car showroom and purchasing the first standard spec model you see. Before selecting any additional features or colour options. Sounds ridiculous, right? What about the wheels, interior, seats and electronics? Would you really disregard these unique customisation opportunities that improve your driving, quality of life and safety, even when the price only slightly increases?

The answer is a resounding no. So why do we find it appropriate to purchase standard off-the-shelf laboratory equipment, in this case, biosafety cabinets and fume cupboards, without customising the products to suit our needs? We believe Henry Ford summed up this approach perfectly by saying, "People can have the Model T in any colour - so long as it is black."

The Future Of Laboratory Equipment Is Bespoke

Time after time we observe wasted space in science laboratories across the UK created by poor planning and the routine purchasing of "standard" size fume cupboards and equipment. Traditionally, these models vary from 1000mm to 2100mm. However, these dimensions don't consider the requirements of the room, in particular, the location of the cupboard itself. As a result, we often compromise on space, which, in urban locations, is an expensive premium.

At TION Global Limited, "standard" equates to being lazy. That's why every product we sell goes through a ‘fit for purpose’ design process to ensure it suits our client's needs. Here's a small example of the questions we ask:

  • How many sinks? Wet-scrubber or water wash-down?
  • What are the processes you are running?
  • Are you using any specialist chemicals like Perchloric or Hydrofluoric acid?
  • Do you require a specific piece of equipment to function inside the cabinet?
  • How long do each of your processes take?
  • What size sinks would you like?
  • Where would you like them?
  • How many water/gas/other taps and where would you like them?
  • How many power sockets and where would you like them?
  • What sash design?
  • What type of base unit?
  • Would you like your company logo on the front of the unit?

The list is endless, but the cost is relative – i.e. a 1320mm unit will be approximately 10% more than a 1200mm unit, and there is no bespoke charge.

To find out how we can equip your facility with our range of laboratory fume cupboards and biosafety cabinets, please contact us today.

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