An Introduction into Air Sterilisers and Purifiers

Air inside a healthcare environment is completely full of particulate matter (PM). In layman's terms, it's jam-packed with a mixture of solid particle pollutants and liquid droplets including spores from viruses and bacteria. If it's in the air, then they can just as easily be on the surface of furniture, clothes and equipment, which will come from patients, visitors and staff alike.

The one thing that the current Coronavirus epidemic has highlighted more to the general public is how easily surfaces and people can become contaminated by transferring PM though touch.

One way of battling these contaminants is through the use of room / air purifiers and sterilisation units, with several technology options currently available. Even though traditional cleaning and disinfecting is proven to be an effective combatant, air filtration systems like these take it to a whole new level.

The most effective systems to fight respiratory viruses

Airborne routes, direct contact between people, and contact with surfaces. These are the 3 ways infections that affect breathing spread.

Environments that are contaminated are the most likely cause of infection, and despite the best efforts of cleaning staff and the chemical supplies they use, their effectiveness is limited when it comes to killing the most contagious virus organisms, like COVID-19. With the addition of the Viralair-HEPA™ air purifier and the Viralair-UV™ steriliser to their arsenal, hospitals can produce cleaner air and surfaces in a matter of minutes, reducing the risk of staff and patients being exposed to potentially deadly pathogens.

These filtration and sterilisation systems are the most effective way of reducing infection in all three ways of transmission through the recirculation of air via a HEPA H14 filter or the use of UV light, they can effectively cleanse the air in an entire room.

If you need even more extensive sanitisation, there are none more advanced and thorough than the Ultra-V™ UV-C and Deprox™ systems by Inivos.

Clean any environment and all rooms with a mobile solution

Air and surfaces must be reliably sterilised and purified without using toxic chemicals that can harm people's breathing. With a compact design and the addition of smooth castors, the units are incredibly portable, meaning you can sterilise the air for patients that have a compromised immunity like in chemotherapy patients and ICUs, whilst also making sure that those who are on the road to recovery have cleaner, more purified air on their wards.

Not to mention the additional health benefits and reduced risk to staff and emergency response workers.

It's also easy to just assume that these types of clean air units are just for medical purposes. That's not the case at all. Even though TION's units are medical grade, which means they are better than your standard purifiers and sterilisers out there on the market, they can also just as easily be deployed at a normal work officedental surgery or warehouse facility.

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