Working on the Coronavirus – Together

We're now a month into lockdown and to say this has been a culture shock for everyone, would still be a massive understatement. However, what this current situation has done, for the most part, is bring people together. And that's especially true for everyone here at TION. Working from home is not easy, but over the last month everyone has pulled together to help boost morale.

From the front office, manufacturing and installation teams to suppliers and logistics partners, the Coronavirus outbreak has definitely brought us closer and made us more determined to provide the best service possible in challenging times.

No time to rest on your laurels!

This outbreak is affecting businesses for all different sectors in completely different way, but one thing we have noticed in our industry is the significant demand for biosafety cabinets and air filtration systems. For obvious reasons, there's a huge increase in research, testing and providing cleaner air in laboratories and healthcare facilities to combat COVID-19.

It's meant TION reaching out almost immediately to offer all our safety cabinets and air steriliser unit stock to help protect people as much as possible across the globe, even donating one microbiological class II safety cabinet to the TDL/HSL testing project via our distribution partner Appleton Woods.

As time is of the essence, our amazing staff have been working tirelessly and around the clock to get the biosafety cabinets and filtration systems up and running. We've also extended installation procedures to go through basic operation and help users get working straight away.

What safety challenges do those researching COVID-19 face?

It's known the coronavirus can stay on certain surfaces for days, so how will researchers working on the virus safeguard their facility and themselves? Everyone will have seen contagion type films before with people wearing hazmat suits and triple layered sealed metal briefcases, but what is the reality of researching and testing on a virus look like?

It's not quite like in the movies, but there will be extreme levels of safety employed to make sure that it is unbreakable, and that if anything did spill, the right procedures are in place. All clinical and hospital labs will need to be wearing PPE at all times and be working within biosafety class 2 safety cabinets, which is exactly what TION specialise in. With the lab also being completely sealed and behind a couple of sets of self-closing doors, so it can be easily decontaminated, the potential risk of contaminating or infecting of any of the scientists operating in the lab will be effectively zero.

So can how our air purifiers and sterilisers help?

Simple. Cleaner air and surfaces in minutes! During this crisis and beyond, we're committed to helping those in the healthcare profession by supplying hospital facilities with units that recirculate high volumes of air, killing bacteria and pathogens to give nurses, doctors and patients the clean air they deserve and need, to combat the virus.

Get in touch with our team to find out how we can help you to combat Coronavirus together.

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